Do any of the following apply to you?
Do you wish you knew at this very moment how much you need in your checking account to cover your expenses for the next two weeks?
Do you wish you knew what your actual bank balance is rather than just what your atm slip or online current balance shows?
Do you find yourself being charged NSF fees because you forgot to deduct a check you issued or because a customer bounced a check to you?
Have you received IRS notices or Indiana Department of Revenue notices for past due tax payments? If you have, did you have the time to properly research and contact them to remove any interest or penalties that you may not owe?
Do you know how much money you could have saved in purchase discounts not taken because you were behind in getting bills paid?
Do you find yourself being charged finance charges on a regular basis?
Are you behind in invoicing your customers due to time constraints or vendor pricing questions that haven’t been answered yet?
Do you have past due receivables needing follow up?
Do you have accurate financial statements each month?
Do you have what you need to walk into a bank today in order to secure a loan or line of credit based on your current business picture, past performance and business outlook for the periods ahead?
Have you had unpleasant experiences dealing with employees’ benefits, absences for sickness or vacation, personal issues, confidentiality breeches, quitting without notice or even the hiring and firing process itself?
Do you wish you had someone looking out for your best interest to remove daily stress from your already busy schedule?
Do you wish that you could take some time off without worrying that your business would fall apart in your absence?

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